Fandemic Tour

Hold onto your hats.  The Fandemic Tour is coming and your boys will be a big part of it. Local Houston photography BarriMedia stated earlier this week: “That’s the best news he has heard in a long time!”

Houston get ready for a fun time and stay posted to our Twitter, Facebook for more details.  Thank you that is all for now!


Comicpalooza 2018 Recap

Once again for the second year in a row your boys Critical Thinking Podcast were in attendance at Comicpalooza, my sixth year in a row as press.  We had so much fun interacting with our fans, making new fans, chatting it up with local celebrities, Hollywood actors, comic book writers, and other local vendors.  We talk with everyone because that’s who we are and we are very approachable.

We handed out flyers in regards to our podcast giveaway and details about our sponsors.  On that flyer we had a section set up so people could sign up for our contest giveaway.  We were having daily drawings for the people too, where they could win either a CD from Mikalyn Hay, Wildfire Singers, Servants of Science, free passes to Tank’s Paintball, $50 gift card to Uncanny Comics, plus shirts from Monk Vision Entertainment, food snacks from Tokyo Munchies, and posters too.  It was a great success for all of us especially for Uncanny as he literally sold out of a lot of his stuff.

We are members of the Podcast Partnership with Comicpalooza. We were schedule to do a show live from the con floor at noon on Friday. We were the first podcast up and believe me, I was determined to make it a super success. It was based on the interaction we had with the fans and stuff. One fan asked us why we didn’t get the room upstairs since we have a loyal and crazed fan base with tons of downloads per episodes. We said, three podcasts were given a room for a live show upstairs and Critical Thinking was not of them but we were okay with it. We were happy and proud to be amongst the people of the con.

It’s because of this easy access that guests were able to make to our pod. We had a Jessica Rabbit cosplayer who spoke to us about how she loves to cosplay. One gentleman stopped to talk with us and he was dressed up as the kingpin. A couple of NASA scientists joined us for a good amount of time to talk about space and what wonderful things NASA is working on at this time. It was very informative and educational. It wasn’t too long after that Houston based photographer Ish from BarriMedia joined us for the remaining moments of the show to talk about the avengers and Deadpool 2 movies.

That was just the start of the con for us. Our sponsors Uncanny Comics and Tank’s Paintball has gotten a booth and we were a part of it too. We would go and continue to chat with people from that area and assist Jospeh of Uncanny with his sales. Uncanny Comics has a great con as he sold out of tons of stuff. He had the best and cheapest prices at Comicpalooza hands down.

We got to hang with Coco the clown from Creepy Hollow, and mystery monsters from Midnight Lair Show from the booth down form us. Quite Contrary was across from us ran by my buddies. The official cosplayer of Critical Thinking Podcast Mrs Christina M showed up and took pics, spoke with us and picked on me. The best was yet to come.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of Houston’s local celebs Brandi Smith from KHOU11. She was actually looking for us thanks to a mutual friend. We interviewed her and learned a great deal about how she became a reporter and the amazing heroics she did during Hurricane Harvey. Brandi would return to see us again on Sunday and she brought along another Houston celeb Justin Stapleton KPRC2 meteorologist. You all know that Justin has a mad sock game. He was wearing some cool ones that day.

It wasn’t far from over yet as our sponsor Tank’s number 2 guy Rudy showed up to chat with us and we introduced him to Brandi and Justin and I mentioned Tanks should do a paintball challenge between Channels 11 & 2 personnel. Rudy was like we can do that for sure. It wasn’t until a second later Rudy would point out to us that freakin Theresa from 94.5 The Buzz was next us.

Well you guys know me, I said hi and the rest is history. We all started talking and laughing. These three Houston celebs deserve all the recognition they get because they are truly wonderful people. Guess what, Theresa, Brandi and Justin will Podcast with us sometime this year. Yay! You never know who you will meet at Comicpalooza.

Well we also got to meet one of my favorite actors Michael Chiklis. I got an autograph photo and finally got to have a great convo with him. I can’t tell you how nice and respectful he is in real life. Great guy. My son and I got lucky and spent about 30 minutes talking football with Jimmie Walker, yes JJ from Good Times. Another great person who is not rude to his fans and every day normal people. The man is smart and has some wonderful tales. I was glad to have met him and my son was like he is cool.

Oh yeah can’t forget my son’s traditional visit and hang out with the amazing Ming Chen. Ming plans on podcasting with us too in the near future. Ming is one our favorite people in the world too along with Michael Zapcic. Hey Comicpalooza get #mikeback2019

Comicpalooza has gotten some great stars to come out and I only heard amazing things about Tom Holland. My guys and I excited to be a part of comicpalooza. Look for our sponsors and us to take it to a whole new level next year. You think we went big this time, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

So from all of us at Critical Thinking Podcast, Uncanny Comics, Tank’s Paintball, Tokyo Munchies have a good one Houston Comicpalooza and we will see you next year!

CTP: Behind Closed Doors

Every Monday night, we make our way to Sir-Re-Brum our headquarters located in Kyle’s home.  The stuff that goes on behind the door of Sir-Re-Brum is quite interesting, and a little bit scary at times.  You can ask Ish (BarriMedia) about how strange it really is in Sir-Re-Brum.  I think we may have freaked him out a little bit or the guys would say I did, lol.

Our lair is considered a safe place for all of us, where we can say whatever we want and laugh about it.  We really enjoy each other’s company and have tons of fun when we record an episode.  How many podcasts do you know were they keep adding people and the chemistry remains intact plus gets stronger too.  That being said allow me to share some details about each one of us and how we act in Sir-Re-Brum.

I will start off with the two founding members of Critical Thinking Podcast, Kyle and Rick.  Kyle decided to change his spare bedroom in his home to a recording studio, complete with sound proof foam on the walls, along with a homemade podcasting desk that he build and painted.  Kyle then went out and purchased the equipment and set it up for the birth of Critical Thinking Podcast.  Kyle is best known for his amazing voice impressions, extremely quick wittiness, hardcore gamer, and the ability to adapt to any situation.  Kyle is extremely busy as he does the podcast, works a job as a shop manager, fixes cars at home, raises his children and is a devoted husband.  He is known as the true leader of the podcast.  Kyle would talk his best friend Rick into starting the podcast.

Rick has some interesting traits that he brings to the podcast.  He is the main researcher for the podcast and is able to find things that you thought couldn’t be found  Rick is an introvert but the podcast has made a change in him.  Rick like Kyle has the ability to drop a quick jab too and usually catches the guys off guard.  Rick is the timekeeper and keeps the group on task and tries to make sure they don’t go too far off topic. Rick is the gentle giant of the team as he is truly a super nice guy and cares deeply about his podcast partners.  The guys have a hard time really picking on Rick as he is just too damn nice.  Rick and Kyle realized they were good but wanted a younger person’s view so they invited Shawn onto the show.

Shawn is the young Irishman who is extremely crazy, hard worker, perfectionist, and a drunk, lol.  Shawn is just a young man that enjoys his alcohol but so do the rest of the guys.  Shawn can also throw out verbal jabs with the best of them, but he is quick to drop an F bomb on ya with a smile.  Shawn is extremely smart and also has a huge heart.  He brings the young man perspective to the podcast.  Shawn is the main editor of the podcast and will stay up all night to ensure the podcast is edited in a professional way and funny.  His dedication to the podcast is valued by his partners.  Shawn has developed a strange bond with the wild one Miguel.

Miguel had an appearance early on in episode three of Critical Thinking while still doing his own podcast.  Miguel is just nuts, there is no other way to say it.  He brings his comedic, dirty mind and his improv skills to the cast.  He does voices as well but not quite to the level of Kyle,  he has no lines and nothing bothers him.  He will make all kinds of off colored jokes but in real life he treats everyone with respect.  The guys will say that Miguel is a great media relations guy, along with a great personality that draws people towards him.  Miguel is related to Rick, but cherishes his friendship with the guys and considers them family.  Miguel would bring a friend Josh to help out the podcast.

Josh the last guy to join the podcast is a quiet, smart and extremely nice guy.  Josh has some serious tech knowledge and has made huge upgrades to the Critical Thinking podcast website.  Josh has a warp sense of humor and that’s probably from being friends with Miguel for a while.  He like Shawn is extremely smart and provides a different take on the subjects.  Josh has taken on a role of assisting with the editing of the podcast and much more.  Each guy brings certain aspects to the podcast and that what makes it a success.

Critical has gone from two to three to four and now to five guys and they continue to evolve and becoming even funnier.  The guys live to pod and enjoy entertaining people.  They want all of you to keep thinking sh&t thru one podcast at a time.

Uncanny Comics

If you are looking for a family oriented comic book shop, where grown people can act like kids not just their children then look no further than Uncanny Comics which is located in Rosenberg, Texas.  It is only 25 minutes away from downtown Houston and 12 minutes away from Sugar Land.  This comic book store has been in business now for barely under two years and has earned a reputation in the Rosenberg community as being extremely friendly and a great place to hang out.  The owner Joseph Cano is about satisfying the people and not the dollar bill, says Shawn Douglas.

That being said, I understand that there are several large comic book shops in Houston, three of them I have had the pleasure of dealing with on a daily basis.  I am not about to trash them or say they are subpar, but each store had certain aspects that the other didn’t and that’s what makes Uncanny Comics great cause it has it all and more.  Customer satisfaction is huge at Uncanny and Joseph strives to make everyone feel at home once they walk in the door.  He greets everyone with a cheerful smile and a warming hello, but even if they leave without purchasing anything he always and I mean always says thank you so much for stopping and checking out the store.

You get greeted at the door by two loving rescue dogs (Venom, Winter) who are extremely loving, then you get the wonderful greeting from the employees and owner.  A PS4 setup where you will usually find some of the regulars playing in a game tournament and they will always invite others to play with them.   There are casings that showcase cards for Yu-Gi-oh, Magic, Dragon Ball Z along with several pop figures and action figures.  The major stable of the show is of course the comic book selections along with a back log of older comics too.  If there is a comic that you are looking for Joseph can hunt it down for you.  People who have boxes at the store get a very generous discount on their comic books. There some weekends when he will rent a bounce house for the kids, plus food, drinks and specials on comics or toys in the store.  Oh he is also the sponsor for The Critical Thinking Podcast and they will be at Comicpalooza this May 25-27, 2018.

At other shops I felt like a dollar sign even if they made it seem like I was getting a major deal.  Which in comparison at Uncanny I have never ever felt this way, even when I first opened my box at his store.  I have had some financial difficulties and Joseph has worked with me to ensure that my box would never be closed or comics would be removed for my stash.  He gives his subscribers a lot of leeway and understands that bad breaks in life does happen to people.

Joseph has spent tons on money on his dogs to save their lives and has even helped out some of his customers with some money when they had a hard time.  Joseph allowed them to pay him back when they could do it.  Who does that huh, Joseph Cano of Uncanny Comics, its another reason why he is so beloved by his regulars and the community.  He is a different type of owner because he does indeed care about his customers, his animals and not the almighty dollar.  Great business, awesome customer service, and great items is what earns him profit.  It is a great business model for others to follow!



Critical Thinking Podcast – Year 2

Some people will say wow these guys made it to year two, yikes. Yes, Kyle, Rick, Shawn, myself and Josh are here and are looking to take huge steps in 2018. For all you new followers let me remind you what we are all about: Critical Thinking Podcast is all about movie trailers, tv rumors aka news, weekend box offices numbers, gaming, going to conventions, and friends just hanging out talking crap to each other.

That being said we have also had several guests that range from the comic book industry, the blogging world, photographers, country and pop music industry, and tv stars join us on the show. We never thought we would become a interview show or even get to a certain point where there are so many requests from individuals, that we are having trouble booking them all. We consider ourselves the podcast of the people, so we are so grateful to have tons of requests.

In year two, C4 or now C5 has added an unique member in Josh T, just kidding bro. Josh brings some strong technological savvy to our group and has already in his first week upgraded our website. He continues to update it with our sponsors, make it more modern and user friendly, hell we even have a “Members Forum” now where you sign up and chat or just make comments to us. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list, what??!! Damn that boy got skills.

We are now sponsored by 3 amazing business: Uncanny Comics located at 3806 Ave I, Rosenberg Texas, Tokyo Munchies located in Tokyo, Japan and now Tanks Paintball located at 22011 Southwest Freeway, Richmond Texas. C5 also has partners also like Virus Vodka, and TimeOut Entertainment. Our radio affiliates play us nonstop and they have helped our growth across the world: Beyond The Dawn Radio, NFG Radio, and SFD Radio. We thank you all for your support of Critical Thinking Podcast.

C5 is going to continue to grow and get bigger each year, a promise we made to each other in the beginning of it all. This year we got Comicpalooza over Memorial Day weekend and with the major contribution of Tanks’ Paintball we will have a booth/table with Uncanny Comics this year. We will be doing a show from the table, having a contest to give away swag from Mikalyn Hay, Virus Vodka Tokyo Munchies and so much more. You will be able to come by and hang with us, buy great stuff from Uncanny Comics plus get some information on the best Paintball and Airsoft games located at Tanks Paintball.

There is so much more I want to tell you but I have to contain myself and not let the cat out of the bag. I would say for now to follow our social media closely so you don’t miss any news. On Facebook like and follow: Critical Thinking Podcast, Uncanny Comics, Tokyo Munchies, Tanks Paintball, and TimeOut Entertainment. On Twitter: @critic_thinking @uncanny_comics @TimeOutEntCo @tokyo_munchies @TanksPaintball On Instagram: Critical Thinking Podcast, Uncanny Comics, Tokyo Munchies, Tanks Paintball TimeOut Entertainment.

Thank you all for your support and making Critical Thinking Podcast a part of your lives. From the guys and myself have a great 2018. See ya.

15 Yr old Superstar

In my young 46 year old life, I’ve been fortunate to have met war heroes, actors, comedians, bloggers, podcasters, bishops, sportscasters and even musicians. There will come a time in your life when you will meet someone who will astound you so much they will leave you breathless and inspired.

Granted you probably will expect it to be someone very old and wise or just some superstar you are in awe with at that particular time in your life. If that is the criteria in which you meet special people then sadly I pity you. I say that because you will miss out on some extraordinary person who doesn’t fit the bill.

On March 26, 2018 this person officially appeared on our show Critical Thinking Podcast as a guest. Mikalyn Hay is a 15 year singer from Guelph, ON Canada. Jim Catalano from The Music CPA (Nationwide accounting firm for businesses and music entertainment professionals) stated to me that Mikalyn is an unique artist with an old soul even though she is extremely young. Mikalyn sings all of her songs with a fiery passion and has a very deep sense of herself as a performer/artist. She even writes her own music. Gone, Mirror and Home are just a couple of songs on her 12:15 that have such powerful meanings behind them.

Jim gave some more information and well at that point I was ok, let’s set a date. (Dramatic music, lol). On the day of the interview, Mikalyn was raring to go while we were excited but also a little weary since we are a very explicit podcast. The moment she said hi and started interacting with us, everyone was at ease. Mikalyn is wise beyond her age and has a composure of a strong young business woman. She didn’t flinch at any of our hard questions or even struggle with a answer. Mikalyn answered quickly and precisely with conviction. At times, she also reminded us with her great attitude, and joking style that she was indeed still a young teenager.

Mikalyn started singing at very young age having a live performance of Irish Lullaby at her school in Senior Kindergarten, yes kindergarten. She impressed me by constantly studying music, singing in gigs across Canada, performing with other artists, taking lessons, writing songs oh and wait going to high school. She lives for music as it is her passion and her life! Mikalyn briefly sang a few lyrics from a song which is not published on any of her cds. She rarely sings the song ‘Ass’ as it is just something funny. Myself, Shawn, Rick and Josh were left breathless after she concluded singing. It was a good thing as we laughed hard when we caught our breath.

I heard Mikalyn before the show as I had her music sent to me by Jim. I loved her sound and enjoyed the lyrics too, however the guys had not heard Mikalyn until that night. I got her to sing the Canadian National Anthem to us acapella. Mikalyn sang….I was inspired by her voice as she belted out the words in English, French and English. When she concluded I wanted to stand and applaud her for such an amazing rendition of her national anthem. I swelled up with tears and pride even though I am not Canadian. It was quite beautiful and very captivating and I could tell by the expressions of the guy’s faces that they were amazed and shocked. Mikalyn was humble and took our compliments saying thank you too us over and over again. It just goes to show you the power of a beautiful voice singing with passion how it can affect a person.

We continued to interview her for another hour until we realized she still had to prepare for school the next day. She wanted to continue to talking with us as she paid us a compliment saying we were the best interviewers ever and she was having tons of fun. The interview lasted for so long we are proud to say it will be a two part miniseries, lol. The first part is to be released via Podbean on March 29, 2018 and part two the following Thursday April 5, 2018. Mark my words, Mikalyn Hay will be a success. If you wish to follow her on twitter, the fan page is @MikalynFans her Twitter is @MikalynHay

Our lives are richer more now than they were on Sunday March 25, 2018, because we got to meet an individual that left us breathless and inspired: thank you miss Mikalyn Hay!

No Name vs Name Brand: 1 vs 2 Ply

Topic of discussion today on critical thinking podcast. Name brand vs No Name brand. 

This all started by Kyle who was talking about buying a massive assive toolbox. Should he get a Snapon toolbox which are priced about $15,000 or one from Extreme Toolboxes for about $3,000. He is willing to buy top notch equipment but if they are the same with no distinct differences he will be a cheap ass and purchase the cheaper one. Clearly names brands doesn’t mean anything to him. So we thought…

I said bullshit! You’re telling me, your cheap ass would buy great value toilet paper to wipe your butt. Kyle is so cheap he would buy 2ply and separate the sheets making more rolls of 1ply. Thats dangerous cause that’s how you get Shit Sticks. You know the TP is so thin your finger pokes thru and you get poop on it, or worse the finger goes in the butt!

Rick quickly pointed out he is a natural folder, taking 2ply and making 6ply. Lol. I myself have never done that and sadly I’ve gotten the poop on the finger. Gross. You can never wash you hands enough. Shawn doesn’t use TP at all, because according to Kyle, shawn uses pine cones, but how does he knows this about shawn, hmm. 

The truth be told Kyle likes his TP to be quilted ultra by Charmin, Shawn uses TP on sale but at least 2ply, Rick uses ultra Scott 2ply and I use angel soft with aloe vera.  You can’t wipe your butt with sandpaper, pine cones or John Wayne tp it would hurt  (John Wayne tp, it’s rough, tough and don’t take shit off of nobody)!

The moral of this story is that Name brand does matter when it comes to your sensitive parts!

Critic’al News 24/7

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged anything. I am still new to it and like I said before I’m a little bit out of my comfort zone. Well with that being said let’s talk some Critical Thinking Podcast news. 

On Jan 1 Critical Thinking was at about 1,075  followers on Twitter, 100 followers Instagram, and about 50 likes of Facebook.  Yes I know that seems very lame and I don’t disagree. Truth is what you get with us. We weren’t buying followers like some people/podcasts do, we realized we needed to put more of ourselves out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter).

The Critical4 become comitted to excellence and holy crap did things pick up and get wild at Sir-Re-Brum (HQ). Within a couple of days Joseph C of Uncanny Comics would become our sponsor, paying for website and other things to come. We joined the movements #PodernFamily #Podmosphere and #PodernWarfare. Black Forest Comic has also prepared to join us as another sponsor in late Feb/March 2017.

The big sponsor to come is a company in Colorado who wants to back us as well (working out the kinks).  This was all possible because we joined up on a cool network called Beyond the Dawn Studios. They play us everything THURSDAY night at 7PM PST.  We added our show on Stitcher, and a few other podcatcher apps. 

All has added up to nice jump in our downloads, and followers. As of 2/13/17, Facebook is at 162 likes, Instagram is at 435 followers and Twitter is now at 1,887.  The real cool thing is that we have followers that are active with us online. 

Kyle, Rick,  Shawn and myself worked really hard and the people have taken notice. We are getting ready for convention season, so if you see us make sure you chat with us! Remember: We are Critical Thinking Podcast, We are Critical Thinking Podcast! 


Sunday is usually a day of rest for the world. This is not the case for Critical Thinking Podcast. We usually meet at eleven o’clock or earlier depending if we have tons of business to talk about together. We handle our podcast like a business which we run as a Republic! It works well for us. 

Naturally everyone is always on time, if you believe that I got a bridge to sell ya. We have grown accustomed to things popping up before, during and after our podcasting time. It’s just life. 

Well I drive to Rick’s house and then we drive to our studio aka The Sir-Re-Brum located at Kyle’s place!  This is where the critical thinking happens or maybe not you decide via the podcast episodes. The thing that makes our podcast different is that we actually enjoy spending time with each other and actually miss hanging out. 

When I recorded another Podcast it took only 3 hours including drive time. Critical Thinking will usually run from 4 to 8 hrs. That’s how much we value our podcast and probably why my other pod is gone. 

Sir-Re-Brum has several computers, wifi, 4 microphones, mixer, a/c, ceiling fan, tons of collectibles, sound proof padding and of course a nice big couch. The lighting is great and there is tons of room for at least 7 people. Sir-Re-Brum is a man cave to the max, Witness!

You can see how we lose time in the studio amongst guys who are like your brothers!  We plan on upgrading Sir-Re-Brum later down the road but for now she is totally perfect for the Critical4!